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Virtual Matchbox Labels Collectors' Club

Dear colleques

When I have started this project I did not really expect that it will take so much time (and money, too) to fulfill only part of it. And still I do think that it should be done. While working on the project I had the opportunity to enlarge my non-virtual collection (as well as virtual!) and get in contact with collectors from all over the globe.

We, phillumenists, are rather few in number. And the main aim of the club - to let us find one another. Any matchbox labels / matchcovers collector may become a Clum member. All you have to do is to visit the Club Rules page and fill a form at the end of it.

Club members may not only inform the world about their existance - they can become the co-autors of this site!

If you do not have time, money, skill or intention to create your own site, but have at hand more or less good scanner, some image processing software and some free time, you can supply me with the imagies and descripsions of your labels. Of cause, it woud be better if you contact me first, so we will be able to discuss your conditions.

May be some of you have interesting information about matches in general and machbox label/matchcovers and can share it with others. May be you have an information about other sites in the Web dedicated to matches that I do not have on my "Links" page. Any such information is welcome and I will try to present it on my site as quick, as I'll be able to do.

Club members already took part in creation of about a half of all pages and several club projects. Now I am even unable to process all the information i get and I beg their pardon for that.

Sinserely yours,

Stanislav Dmitriev,
"Crazy" Web Site Creator.