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Grotesque by Dmitry Melekhov
My name is Stanislav Dmitriev and I live in Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia.

In 1975 I graduated Moscow Peoples Friendship University with three professions: physicist (MC), programmer (Dipl.Eng.) and interpreter (BA). For the last 20 years I mainly worked as project manager in projects of introducing and implementing CAD and GIS technologies. WEB design is one of my hobbies, and that is why you have the opportunity to see this site. In August 2003 I had to retire due to serious health problems.

I started collecting matchbox labels in 1959 (I was only 10 at the time).

From time to time I lost the interest to the collection and it has big time gaps. Still it is a solid one. Once I tried to count the number of labels I have, but after coming to 20 000 and founding that about the same amount is not yet counted, I quitted the idea.
Of cause the main amount are Russian labels, but I do have some thousands from other countries too.

Though there are now lot of labels from other collectors on the site, I still have a very ambitious idea to place all my collection on display.
But to do so I do need some help.
Any sponship proposals are welcome!