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Belorussian Labels

Battles of the 1812 patriotic war in Belorussia.

SpyLOG From collection of Andrey Petrov

Packet picture-card

The set from the face side

The set from the back side
(w/o picture-card)









Battles of the 1812 patriotic war in Belorussia
Souvenir set
"Borisovdrev" match factory, 2002 .

The set was packed in cellophane and consisted of the
packet picture-card and 9 matchboxes (8 different)
(8 different were packed face up, the 9th - one more of the 8 - face down)

The picture-card presents
The crossing of Berezina river
Labels present:
1 - Near Berezina river, November 26th 1812
2 - The monument to mark the rout of the Napoleon armies
in November 10th 1812 near Borisov
3 - The crossing of Berezina river
4 - Assault of Polotsk, October 6th1812
5 - The Museum of the history of the 1812 patriotic war in Borisov
6 - The charge of Don Cossacks under command of M.I.Platov
near Nesvizh, June 27th 1812
7 - The crossing of Berezina river, November 29th 1812
8 - The defeat of marshal Victor near Old Borisov

Picture-card size 110x145 mm, boxes top 50x34 mm


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