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Indian labels - "Sea and ships" album

Marine brands

SpyLOG From collections of Hans Everink and
Stanislav Dmitriev






Labels of different Indian factories

Presented are:
1 - The Ship, WIMCO
Label size 33x46 mm
2 - Prabhat, Narayanasamy Match Works, Kovilpatti
Label size 33x48 mm
3 - Спичечная фабрика Sakuntala Match Industries, Шивакаши. Торговая марка "Anchor" (Якорь),
Размер этикетки 34x49 мм
4 - Anchor, Sakuntala Match Industries, Sivakasi
Label size 34x49 mm
5 - "The sailer"
Label size 31x45 mm

Labels 2 and 3 are from collection of Hans Everink
Stanislav Dmitriev
Labels 1, 4 and 5 are from collection of Stanislav Dmitriev


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