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The Commonwealth of the Phillumeny sites SpyLOG

The aim.
The Commonwealth of the Phillumeny sites was organized to intensify the propaganda of phillumeny and creating the joint information field to make it easier for collectors and other visitors to find phillumeny information, presented in the Net.

The organization.
Any phillumeny-related site created in any country and on any language and following this Commonwealth charter may participate.
The members elect the Commonwealth coordinator, whose main function is to inform the members about the new applications and gathering the opinions about possibility of admission of new members.
The membership is voluntary and free. To join the Commonwealth the site owner must send a free-form application to the Commonwealth coordinator.

Members obligations.
Member sites must present on the site this Charter (in English, Russian or translated into site language) and "Sites news" project together with the members list (with direct links to member sites) and the list of the joint projects (if the site does not participate in the project, there should be a link to the project page on any other member site)..

Members rights
The Commonwealth members have the right to participate in creating of all or selected joint projects and present them at their sites.

The Commonwealth projects:

Sites news (see right column)

The Commonwealth member sites:

Matchboxes Created by Andrey Chekushin(Russia) - in Russian
Phillumania Created by Alexander Chentsov (Russia) - in Russian
Virtual matchbox labels museum Created by Stanislav Dmitriev (Russia) - in English and Russian
The USSR Matchbox labels catalog Created by Alexander Chentsov (Russia) - in Russian

The Commonwealth sites news:
(will be presented only in Russian unless any foreign site will join)