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Terminology of Phillumeny
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Some preliminary remarks

    The word "phillumeny" means: collecting match labels, and their collectors are called "phillumenists". According to well-known book by A.J.Cruse " Match-Box Labels of the World ", published by Robert Ross and Co. Ltd. (London) in 1946, the word was invented in the 40's of XX century by the first president of The British Matchbox Label & Booklet Society Mrs. Marjorie S. Evans. She formed it from the Greek and latin roots: "philos" - love and "lumen" - light. Now the objects of phillumeny are not only match labels itself, but also other objects connected to matches.

    The first matches (produced by John Walker in the Great Britain since 1827) were sold packed by 100 pieces in tin cylindrical boxes whithout labels. However, soon matches began to be packed in cardboard or wooden boxes with paper labels with the information of the manufacturer of matches.

    In the process of development of match manufacture the quantity of labels has increased considerably, and in that time the labels became nice objects for collecting. The collecting of match labels has gradually got its own terminology. In this article we will try to define some of them.

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