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Every museum has backrooms, were it keeps its treasures that by some reasons cannot be presented to public.

The same is with this Virtual museum - due to the lack of the time I just can not present properly all the images I got from club members, other people and that I have myself.

I decided to let you in my backroom, so you can have a look at Virtual Matchbox Labels Museum's hidden treasures.

They are not organized in any way, no comments are given. You can only see a temporary page name, the country of origin and the name of collector, who supplied images.

I estimate that there are about 400 pages with labels in my backroom now, of them more than 50 are from club members and other collectors (and not collectors). So even to open all the backroom will take time. But not so much as creating museum exposition.

The backroom preview will be organized by albums of about 40 pages each. As the exhibits are moved to the main museum pages, their places may be filled by newcomers.

Welcome to my backroom:

  Album 1             Album 2             Album 3             Album 4  

  Album 5: Holidays (USSR) - from collection of S.Dmitriev  

  Album 6: Safety (USSR) - from collection of S.Dmitriev  

  Album 7: From collection of James Hannaghan