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(From collection of Margus Nõmm and Victor Raldugin)


"Hot Estonians"






"Hot Estonians"
Viljandi match factory
Coupled brands are in use since around 1972
in different colors and printing quality and with different back side

1, 1A - "Hot Estonian chap", around 1980, domestic use issues
2 - "Hot Estonian chap", around 1973-75, export to Afganistan
3 - "Hot Estonian chap", around 1993, export to Ukrane
4 - "Hot Estonian girl", 1972, domestic use issue

Boxes top size 37x51 mm, skillets full size 51x110 mm

Skillets 1, 1A are from collection of Margus Nõmm,
skillets 2-4 are from collection of Victor Raldugin.


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