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This site became extremely big (more than 6000 pages of English content only), and even Site Map does not give one an easily understood overview of it.
This page is an attempt to create a short and more informative guide to the site.

As the site at is still de-facto an addition to this one, the sectionse moved there are also presented here (marked with blue)

The site consists of the four major parts:
  • "General purpose" pages (presenting on any "normal" site);
  • Museum exhibition (arranged by countries and, for big country collections - by topics) - presenting matchbox labels, skillets (matchboxes) and matchbooks;
  • Virtual Matchbox Labels Collectors Club (with members list and several collective projects);
  • Special projects ("Phillumeny periodicals", "New books", "Phillumeny database" (frozen for a time), Backroom)
This site was opened in April 1998 and since that time undergone several design changes. You can see the difference in pages layout when you browse though the site (there are slight differences even in the latest design). It is planned that during this year most of the pages will be updated.
Museum exhibition presents labels from collections of club members, other collectors and submissions of people, not deceased by phillumeny and some match factories.

Most albums pages of the latest design are "double-decked" (several are even "triple-decked") - i.g., if you click on the label image, a page with a bigger image with (usually) more text details will open. Sometimes this hidden pages have more than one image (presenting labels of "parallel" sets) - so total number of big images may even exceed number of labels on main pages.

Now, let us see a brief description of the site:

First there are the "general purpose" pages: Second - Museum collection: The third - Virtual Matchbox Labels Collectors Club: The fourth - Special projects:
  • Periodicals news - Indexes of the latest phillumeny periodicals
  • Nevsky phillumenist - Index of the "Nevsky phillumenist" and 21 articles from it
  • New books - Information about new phillumeny-related books
  • Phillumeny database - Do not work for a while. Search of labels by several sites (by 3 now)
  • Backroom - Unorganized store of would-be museum exhibits - lot of different things

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